Paratha line

Thin Dough Production Plant with Filling for Bureks, Banitza, Rolls, Round Pies



J. Lappas designs and constructs the automatic fillo line for the production of strudel leaves. J. Lappas designs and constructs the automatic lines for the production of:

  • Sambosa
  • Yufka
  • Bureks
  • Spring Rolls
  • Zamouzak
  • Baklava
  • Mini rolls

This plant produces a continuous band of thin dough with a thickness adjustable. Out of this continuous band sheets of dough are cut on the machine. The original quality of this very sophisticated type of dough is 100% guaranteed.

Construction The Lappas production plant for thin doughss consists in principle of three sections each with their own specific functions. The first section consists mainly of a very special 5 - roll sheeter on a movable frame which produces a continuous band of dough. This dough band passes through the 3 rool station gauging roll.
Stretching station This is far out the most unique of the Lappas production plant for thin dough. The dough band is gradually stretched in the width until an almost transparent dough film is formed. The second section consists of a stretching system. It is then fed into the third section, which is a drying tunnel. At the end of the drying tunnel a conveyor with length and cross cutting knives is located to cut sheets out of the continuous belt, this system is synchronised.
Capacity The capacity depents on the required thickness and size of the sheets. The Lappas plant produces a continuous belt of dough at a speed of a 1000 meters per hour with a net width of 1,2 m.