Automatic Baklava Fillo Crust layer Phyllo (by extruder)

Baklava Filo Line (Extruder Type)


The baklava – fillo Line is composed of 5 main parts:

  • Head (Extruder, dough feeder, die included self contained chilling unit).
  • Conveyor Belts (Ventilator, strarcher, collecting system).
  • Drying heating 
  • Cooling.
  • Collecting Unit.

Lappas designs & constructs the automatic filo Line for the production of filo leaves, various products such are baklava, samosa, yufka, rolled products, spring rolls, sambosa or companion of them. We have the know-how and the experience to begin and adapt the baklava filo line according to your recipe. Lappas is the expert in filo and strudel. The filo Line is made entirely of Stainless Steel and is easily assembled at your working place. The filo Line guarantees your product quality and durability.