Sangak line




Automatic Production Line for Thin Dough by Stretching.

With this line and through sheeting and streching process the dough gradually is streched in the width until an almost transparent dough film is formed.

First section

At the first section the dough passes from the head of the machine and after 3 gauging rollers and the dough achieves at a certain length.

Stretching section

The dough continues on the line at the stretching part and is formed from 40 cm up to 1.20 m until an almost transparent dough film is formed.

Oil section

The dough contineus to the oil part of the machine with a special oily system and plenty of exits, which can the customer can open and close depending on the needs of the product.


Continuing on the line section you can be combine it with several other machines such as :


  • make up tables
  • ovens for baking the fillo
  • ovens for drying the fillo etc