In certain Italian towns of Emilia-Romagna  that were formerly city-states such as Ferrara and Modena, there can still be encountered a half-moon shaped sweet pastry called burriche or burricche which has been described as a mediaeval relic of the Ottoman inspired cuisine of the Jewish communities that lived in certain towns of the area. There can be distinguished the burriche ferraresi, to which grappa is being added and which are often filled with mandarin marmelade  and which are sometimes called in Ferraresse Ladino burichitas.They resemble in shape and taste the Greek kourabiedes, which are pâte brisée like shortbreads that differ from their Middle Eastern counterparts by having also alcoohol such as brandy or mastika added to them." Burriche-01       



Made with the following machines:
   Samosa line    
   Burek line



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