Round bread


 A round  bread is a piece of cooked dough in its simplest form, a round lump. It is the most suitable form to oven cook bread on a flat dish and, although one of the latest oven-bread dish in Italy and the oldest oven-bread in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and more, continues to be one of the most common practiced, particularly in flour buns (such as the bap, the Blaa or more familiar, the burger bun). Breads of a traditional nature, predating the availability of shaped and pre-sliced bread, are commonly made as a round with some examples made alomost exclusively as rounds being soda bread and wheaten bread. "Round of bread" continues to be a common English language term when requesting or describing a single piece of bread but as true rounds of bread are less common these days the term is more ambiguous.        Round-Bread-01Round-Bread-02



Made with the following machines:
 Automatic Bread Production Line  Cyclothermic 02      
Bread Dough Handling Equipment  Oven Baking Technologies    



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