Tsoureki (Greek τσουρέκι), çörek (Turkish), شوريك (Arabic), panarët (Arbërisht), choreg (Armenian չորեկ), çörək (Azerbaijani), kozunak (Bulgarian козунак) or cozonac (Romanian) is a sweet, egg-enriched bread in the cuisines of the countries comprising the former Ottoman Empire. It is formed of braided strands of dough. There are also savoury versions.
The word probably comes from the Turkic çevrek 'round'.
Such rich brioche-like breads are also traditional in many other countries, such as Hungary and the Czech Republic. Examples of similar breads from other cultures are badnji kruh in Croatian cuisine, colomba de páscoa in in Portuguese cuisine, Brioche in French, kulich in Russian cuisine, anise in Italian cuisine and challah in Jewish cuisine.

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