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Mixer Collecting Table




Lappas designs & constructs machines for the production of Cataif-Cunafa. The unique machine for the production of oriental sweets. This machine is constructed to make your production easier and to guarantee your durability and success.
The machine is composed of:
Baking Table

  • Movable baking table.
  • Automatic gas burners with CE regulations.
  • Automatic pump system for fitting the hooper with dough.
  • Stainless steel hooper with a special exit pipe with nosels for the dough.
  • Stainless steel cover uper the machine with fan for exhausting the heat.
  • Independent collecting system of the dough.
  • Productivity: 70kg per hour.

Kneading - mixer
Capacity 200kg dough.
It is composed of 2 tanks, one for kneading and the other for depositing the dough so to be transferred to the fitting hooper.