Intermediate Proofer

The intermediate proofer is an accurate and reliable machine, Its function is to give the necessary resting time to the recently divided dough portions, in order to let them lose the tensions acquired in that process and ease its lengthing in the next step of the productive process: the forming.
lappas disposes Static type models, with so reduced size that it passes totally erected through a standard 2,10 m height and 0,8 m width door. or a bigger model, appropriate if the space is not a problem.
and dynamic type model (the dough pieces change of pocket several times inside the proofer). It is robust and reliable and it can load pieces up to 1500g.

  • Motor actioned loading system, possibility of selecting the number of pieces to load per tray (4, 5, 6 or 7).
  • The capacity can be increased adding extra modules.
  • Maximum weight of the dough pieces to load: 800g (up to 1300g loading 5 pieces per tray).
  • Total control over the production group (divider and moulder).
  • Automatic and manual unloading.
  • Mechanical and electrical overload protection.
  • Ultraviolet germicide lamps.
  • Flour sprinkler, adjustable time. 
  • Conveyor belt unloading system, controlled by means of a photoelectric sensor.