Steam tube Deck oven



Steam Tube Deck Oven


TUBE Steam Oven combines traditional and technically the best baking results. It is the best combination that satisfies the professionals with the highest demands. It is a tradition that keeps on with success.
It has been manufactured by high technology and Quality control on every production step
The front and side walls of the furnace are made from stainless steel
Manessman tubes, resistant to high pressure have
an external diameter of 27 mm and thickness of 4 mm.
Quickly reacting where an increase of temperature is demanded and above all very economical in fuel consumption compared to other steam tube ovens.
Absolute uniformity
Doors on the baking decks are of tempered glass with counterweight. The slightest touch is enough to quickly and safely open and close them.
Perfect lightings per champer
Special refractory stones slabs
Ability to bake any type of product
Damper per champer
It is equipped with electronic control for controlling baking temperature
Powerful steam hood
Safety thermostat
Terminal Safety switch to the taber of chimney
Loading and unloading of the product, can be done by using a loader and/or single manual setters.

The following optionals are available on request: doors opening upwards, extra electric deck, special deck crown height and digital control panel.

the TUBE Steam Oven produced in three different techniques with different baking characteristics.

model with masonry channels and cement side casting
This is our traditional oven par excellence with refractory brick channels and isolating cement casing. Manufactured with 3 and 4 chambers and baking surfaces between 6 m² and 29.5 m². On request, the oven is equipped with the side firebox for solid fuel (wood, coal, marc etc.). The steam generators are positioned in the bottom in direct contact with the heat flow.
model with masonry channels
Ring-shaped steam tube oven with firebox and masonry channels. Manufactured with 3, 4 and 5 chambers and baking surfaces between 6 m² and 18.5 m². The insulating cement casing is replaced by material with a high insulation coefficient. On request, the side firebox is available for solid fuel.
model with firebox and metal channels.
Gentle, delicate baking with excellent thrust from the bottom to the top and quick temperature adjustment put this ring-shaped steam tube oven with no masonry parts with firebox and flue gas ducts made of steel that is resistant at high temperatures at the top of the range. Manufactured with 3, 4 and 5 chambers and baking surfaces between 8 m² and 18.5 m².
The assembling and dismantling is an easy operation
The steam generators are positioned in direct contact with the heat flow, guaranteeing an excellent volume of steam. This is a good alternative to Cyclothermic ovens.





Cyclothermic Option 01
In several sizes. Absolute maturation, controlled temperature and humidity
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 trolleys.

Retarder Proofers

Cyclothermic Option 02


Cyclothermic Option 03

Rack boards with weels

Cyclothermic Option 04
Automatic backing and pushing operations complex.