Simit (Turkish, Greek σιμίτι), Aramaic qeluro/qelora, Greek koulouri (κουλούρι), is a circular bread with sesame seeds, very common in Balkans and Middle East . Simit's size, crunchiness/chewiness, and other characteristics vary slightly by region. The name Simit comes from the city called Izmit (Smiti in Byzantine). 

Simit is generally served plain, or for breakfast with tea, jelly, jam or cheese.
Simits are often sold by street vendors, who either have a simit trolley or carry the simit in a tray on their head.
Simit is also known as "Turkish bagel" in USA.
A type of bread very similar to simit is known in Poland as "obwarzanek". The main difference is that the rings of dough are poached briefly in boiling water prior to baking (similarly to bagels), instead of being dipped in water and molasses syrup, as is the case with simit.




Made with the following machines:
Automatic Bread Production Line
 Baguette Moulder    
Bread Automatic Production Line  Baguette moulders





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