Pocket Pie

 There are over forty varieties of Hot Pockets, including both breakfast and lunch / dinner varieties.  Lean Pockets, Hot Pockets Croissant Crust (formerly called Croissant Pockets), Pot Pie Express, Hot Pocket Pizza Minis (originally called Hot Pockets Pizza Snacks), Hot Pockets Subs, Hot Pockets Calzones, Hot Pockets Panini, Hot Pockets Sideshots, and Hot Pockets Breakfast items which include the meat, egg and cheese varieties, and fruit pastries.       Pocket-Pie-01



Made with the following machines:
Make Up Table 01
 Baklava-Fillo-stretch  Baklava-Fillo-stretch  Baklava-Fillo-stretch Baklava-Fillo-stretch
Make up Table Pitta line  Chapatti line  Tortilla line Lavash line



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