Steam bread

 Steamed bread is a kind of bread, typically made from wheat, which is produced by steaming instead of baking. Steamed bread is produced and consumed all around the world. In Chinese cuisine, mantou is a staple food of northern China, where up to 70% of flour production in the region is used to make it. In South African cuisine, a number of groups produce steamed bread, such as the Zulu ujeqe which may be eaten alone or with tomato soup. South African steamed breads are typically made at home for consumption on the same day, but research on commercial production continues to advance, aided by earlier developments in the mass production of Chinese steamed bread. In the cuisine of the United States, one example of steamed bread is Boston brown bread, a sweet food which may be eaten as a dessert. Steam-Bread-01       



Made with the following machines:
Automatic Bread Production Line  Cyclothermic 02    
Bread Dough Handling Equipment  Oven Baking Technologies  





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